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With Addoozy, there are never any monthly membership plans annual plans just straight pricing, need one video you got it and the best part you don't pay until your video is completed.


Watching a video is a lot more fun and engaging video is also the most effective content to drive engagement, traffic, and sales to your offer.  Did you know 92% watch videos online every day 88% watch more now than a year ago video advertising is booming and it's not letting up if you don't have a video commercial ad you're missing out on lots of business?  Also, 90% of consumers watch videos on their smartphones, and 76% of users share videos so, what does that mean for you more business choose your industry and start your video ad now.




Excited Lady
Get your customers excited
House Cleaning
It's time to clean house
Real Estate
Business card video ad
Smartphone Repair
We can fix any device
Auto Insurance Agency
This could be your agency
Dancing Customer
Why are these people so happy
Parents are away kids at play
This is your dental practice
Business just got better
Real Estate
Now this is home
What's up and coming
A Clean Home
When clean this happens
Tutoring Service
We make learning fun
Cleaning Service
We clean so you don't
Happy Couple
They can't stop dancing
Rideshare Service
Service you can trust
Real Estate
Showcase your home
Product Sale
Promote your product
Real Estate
Sale homes with video
Online Store
Promote your online store
Home Cleaning
Your cleaning service
Wedding Invitation
It's your big day
Bakery Shop
This could be your video
Imagine Your Business
This could be your business video
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