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About This Video.


If you have a dental practice you most definitely need a video 83% of businesses believing that video marketing gives them the edge and provides a good return on their investment 90% of consumers watch videos on their smartphones and 76% of users share videos, so what does that mean for you more business. 


You'll get the same dental services video ad displayed above with the following customization options (depending on the package you select): 

  • Your company logo 

  • All visible scene text will be replaced with your text 

  • Default overlay text

  • Your URL

  • (1080p) Full HD

  • Phone number

  • Short tagline

  • Logo branding

  • Background music 

  • Remove background music

  • Fast delivery

  • 100% buyer satisfaction

  • You'll be sent a sample copy of this video for your review


This video has a lifetime non-exclusive online usage license with royalty-free background music.  This ad cannot be used for TV or cinema/film.  Any questions?  Please read the FAQ.  Please feel free to contact me before ordering.

Video action card feature works on this website only.  Video extra is an extra feature you

may add to your video for an extra charge you will see this on the order page.



Default - Text

  • Your text in scenes + Your Logo + URL + Tagline + FULL HD

  • 3 Days Delivery

  • 2 Revisions

  • 48 Seconds Running Time

  • 1 Size Orientation

  • Background Music