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About This Video

Your business is never too small to advertise videos attract 300% more traffic than any other type of content that's awesome, right?  One minute of video is worth 1.9 million words how about that for advertising your business get started now.   


Information that will be required in customizing this video

  • Your short scene text for the 1st scene - 

  • Your short scene text for the 2nd scene

  • Your short scene text for the 3rd scene 

  • Your short scene text for the 4th scene and so on. 

  • Your logo and website address in the last scene 


You'll get the same happy people dancing video ad displayed above with the following customization options 

(depending on the package you select): 

  • All visible script text will be replaced with your script text

  • Your logo 

  • Your URL

  • (1080p) Premium & Standard

  • 2K video resolution premium

  • Phone number

  • Short tagline

  • Logo branding

  • Running Time (41 Seconds)

  • Background music 

  • 100% buyer satisfaction

  • Video action card homepage

  • Fast delivery

  • Remove background music

  • You'll be sent a sample copy of this video for your review 

This video has a lifetime non-exclusive online usage license and royalty-free background music.  This ad cannot be used for TV or cinema/film.  Any questions?  Please feel free to contact me before ordering.  Video action card feature works on this website only.  Video extra is extra features or items you may add to your video for an extra charge you will see this on the order form.

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  • Your text in each scene.

  • Your Logo in the last scene

  • Your website URL in the last scene

  • Default background music audio

  • 720p video resolution

  • 2 video revisions

  • 2-day video delivery time






  • Your text in each scene 

  • Your Logo in the last scene

  • Your website URL in the last scene 

  • Phone number in the last scene

  • Default background music audio

  • 1080p video resolution

  • 3 video revisions 

  • 3-day video delivery time 






  • Your text in each scene

  • Your Logo in the last scene

  • Your website URL in the last scene

  • phone number in the last scene

  • Your video featured-homepage

  • Short tag-line in the last scene

  • 2K video resolution

  • 5 video revisions 

  • 3 to 4 day delivery time